woensdag 22 augustus 2012

Villa Palagonia

In the film l’Avventura from Michelangelo Antonioni the main characters of the film Sandro and Claudia go to a custom house to report the missing of their friend Anna. This scene is shot in the beautiful and strange Villa Palagonia in Bagheria near Palermo. This building designed by Palatino, has a garden which initially populated by 200 grotesque statues - giants, dwarves, hybrids - commissioned  by the villa's owner, the mad Ferdinand, Prince of Palagonia as caricatures of his wife supposed lovers. The interior of the villa was equally crazy - chairs with legs of unequal length, cushions containing hidden spikes and mirrors hung at weird angles. The cushions and chairs have gone and what is left are beautiful rooms with wall paintings all over.  I visited the villa two times and this is one of the photos I made there last year. 

maandag 20 augustus 2012

Film and Architecture

Zondag 2 september zal er op de laatste dag van mijn tentoonstelling La Madre een middag in Foam plaatsvinden over film en architectuur. Kunsthistoricus Steven Jacobs zal een lezing houden over Michelangelo Antonioni en het belang van architectuur in zijn films. La Madre, il Figlio e l'Architetto zal nog eenmaal vertoond worden en Maria Barnas die de voice-over schreef voor La Madre zal haar nieuwe korte film Good Living laten zien. Daarna gaan Maria Barnas en ik in gesprek met Dana Linssen over onze films, onze samenwerking, Antonioni en de liefde voor architectuur.

zaterdag 11 augustus 2012

Stills from La Madre

From the 28th of June till the 2nd of September my short film 
La Madre, il Figlio e l'Architetto is on show in Foam, the photography museum in Amsterdam. 

donderdag 2 augustus 2012

The press about La Madre

Last week three newspapers Het Parool, NRC Handelsblad en NRC Next published an article about my exhibition La Madre in Foam. The one in 
NRC Handelsblad by Claudia Kammer you can also read here